About us

RTIS has been developed by a strong set of values, including a deep commitment to diversity, and making a positive social impact through our work and the way we run our firm.

Our mandate is to make sustainability a win-win solution for all businesses and society – to find ways how to improve livelihoods through regeneration, and develop resilience to the challenges posed in the new reality that we are witnessing, whilst ensuring positive and sustainable environmental outcomes through transformative policy changes for everybody.

We believe that the effective and methodologically holistic management of promoting sustainable solutions toward a sustainable future can be the answer to many tough and complicated situations.

RTIS Network provides our clients with future-forward insights grounded in practicality born from our decades of experience in the private, nonprofit, government, and academic sectors.

Working with our clients and other collaborators, we contribute to research, training, and reports that aim to move resilience into practice. Ecosystem resilience work is evolving and new investigations are required to accelerate the sector and our communities toward equitable resilience.