Environmental impacts associated with the operation of desalination plants in Greek islands and the role of Circular economy

The Med-EU countries account for more than 60.000 km of coastline; Human-driven threats to the ecological quality of the coastal zone have already become a limiting factor for economic development, however scenarios of climate change point at an extreme worsening of the situation. In the mid-term, the decrease in decent ecological status coastal surface area ratio per capita will have an unfavorable impact on the welfare of countries with coastal-based economies, including urban & tourism-related development. Nearly all Med-countries will be affected by desertification over a time span of decades. Energy & water are the most important components required to ensure prosperity, security and sustainable development in societies.

The project will be tested in 10 case studies located in the Greek islands. We will register, monitor and assess the patterns in most of the desalination plants in the case study region, biodiversity trends and behaviors; furthermore, we will provide the theoretical methodological framework and a road map of dynamic actions with the operative framework in terms of circular economy, sustainability, replication, exploitation and impact;

The project started in June 2022 and will be completed in May 2024.