Little ships of hope

A grand pilot project based on the triptych circular economy – Environment – Sustainable & Sustainable Development – In short it is the reuse of Decommissioned Ships (which can however be put back into action without terrible costs) and turning them into two specific super-valuable tools.

a) Floating Areas for the Collection and Sorting of Recycled Waste, as well as in.

b) Floating Heat Treatment and Energy Recovery areas to basically cover their same function in the first phase, but also to supply (where needed, but especially in island Greece) the increased Seasonal Demand.

This pilot project, a pure initiative of the RTIS network, reduces the volumes of recyclables in island Greece, reuses (with environmental identity) decommissioned ships, and can become an “electric” blood donor in small and very small islands in the summer quarter in which the electricity demand quadruples. In addition, the program can become a good practice and why not a success story and give birth to a new floating industry which may also bring interest from investment funds.

The project started in October 2022 and will be completed in October 2025.