Training on European Funding Projects in six Municipalities of North Macedonia

The implementation of the pilot program which promotes knowledge exchange and fosters collaboration on the topics of culture, arts, environment and youth networking between the RTIS Network key members and the Municipalities of Berovo, Renkovce, Kumanovo, Kratovo, Gjorce Petrov and Staro Negoricino.

The first part of the program, a workshop for youth and selected staff of the Municipality of Kratovo, was delivered by a team of 3 experts from RTIS on June 14 to 19. A total of 45 youths were selected through an open call-out and received “on-the-job” training. The topics covered during the workshop were: European funding areas, Collaboration themes, Creative workshops; Digital transformation, Elements of resource planning; Circular Economy; Intercultural labs, and Sustainable development.

Discussions have continued with regional and local stakeholders for implementing a pilot program to promote youth networking in the environment, art and culture linked to creative industries.

Dialogue with the Municipality focal points has continued, following up on the guidelines approved by the Project Steering Committee and the mayor himself. Discussions have continued with the Chamber of Commerce of the capital of the country, Skopje (Mrs Jadranka Arizankovska, responsible for the European programs in Skopje, North Macedonia) in response to the request for support for the expansion of the North Macedonian youth workers association in intercultural programs with Greek partners.