Circular Economy Services

To face the environmental challenges of the 21st century and especially plastic pollution, water scarcity, climate change and scarcity of resources in general, we ought to change the way we think, the way we consume, the way we perceive things. We need to move on to another model, a model from linear to circular, towards resilience. This means preserving existing value, protecting the environment and making optimal use of resources, materials and products. This brings economic, as well as societal and environmental value.

Our services regarding circular economy are the following:

Consulting and mentoring on the development of new and innovative business models and circular collaboration

The transition towards a circular economy requires focused system-wide innovation to disengage growth from resource consumption. The circular economy is not only a set of principles – it defines the reality to respond to rising trends and needs. We consult any kind of organisation to operate in an era of this systemic change.

Educate and raise awareness of Circular economy tactics

Educate and raise awareness, especially with the younger generation, start-ups, youth associations and other interesting parties – Disseminating to learners, youth, entrepreneurs and partners with the circular economy tactics and developing case studies and sharing research that challenges the participants to apply circular economy principles.

Developing projects aiming at introducing the circular economy

Developing projects aiming at introducing the circular economy both in theory and in practice, to organized groups with a special focus on less fortunate people, all over the country and the region in general. Training and educating selective groups of people on the 5R’s circular economy concepts, focusing on strategies on how to turn waste into wealth. We’re introducing components designed for reuse and products that can be upgraded and refurbished rather than discarded and replaced, focusing on the most critical supply side of the circular economy.

Creating vital collaborations by bringing together key stakeholders

Creating vital collaborations by bringing together key stakeholders like the industry, the NGO’s and the associations with the prospective clients to help identify joint challenges and complementary expertise aiming at developing a common circular economy vision and circular economy business models.

Tackling modern issues of reducing waste

Tackling modern issues of reducing resource use and waste requires establishing new practices and principles that are inherent within circular economy thinking, aiming at eliminating unused resources and designing out pollution.

Emerging campaigns toward a circular economy

Emerging Especially designed campaigns towards moving to a circular economy to secure net-zero emissions – From theory to action campaigns adopting circular economy approaches eliminating the over-consumption and exploitation of resources, reducing demand on natural resources and helping to cut global greenhouse gas emissions in end-use sectors, in order to drive climate change and resilience.