Sustainable Health Management

We help organizations ensure that they and their partners have efficient and manageable processes and systems in place which comply with stakeholder requirements related to quality, health and safety, environmental management, corporate social responsibility and other areas of sustainable development.

Organizing conferences, workshops, seminars, events and lectures of educational content, reports regarding the field of health responsibilities and activities, as well as, the publication of studies and research related to the purposes of the company.

Furthermore, we offer the following services:

  1. Medical and wellness destination
  2. Wellness and spa branding
  3. Medical tourism branding
  4. Creation and organization of wellness and spa areas
  5. Wellness research and consulting
  6. Healthcare strategy
  7. Health crisis management (Hotel Industry)
  8. Healthcare systems and processes (strategy,  performance, sustainability)
  9. Health (care) team build
  10. Health management in hotels