Training & Education Services

  • Training of legal entities & persons interested in promoting ecosystem sustainability, protecting and developing common goods and promoting intergenerational and multicultural reconciliation, emphasizing the specificities of local communities and the development of new regularity.
  • Training, informal education, workshops and awareness days within a number of European projects i.e. Erasmus+.
  • Training on transformational change – change to systems, changes to policy and process, and changes to the way people work together – the people aspect of change.
  • Conducting various environmental education and awareness activities based on the belief that greater environmental awareness and proactive efforts among all people and organizations are essential for pursuing environmental management.
  • Providing a range of training solutions and knowledge resources to enable tourism destinations and businesses to improve the impacts of tourism.
  • Focused on supporting destinations to build back better following the pandemic, providing training for destination management organizations, as well as small, tourism-facing businesses.
  • Ensuring the tourism industry has a positive impact on destinations.  Aiming to give residents a stronger voice in tourism planning and management, building awareness of the ‘cost’ of tourism to local communities, focused on sustainability.