Study Tour in Bergamo

Another successful networking trip has come to an end. RTIS NETWORK accomished a three days study tour in Italy (29 February – 2nd of March), and more precise in Bergamo, Verona, Iseo (Brescia) and Sermieno.

During the study tour, the RTIS officials met with a number of local Associations and municipalities and witnessed the awesome beauty of the Lombardy region. Moreover, within a unique road trip identify the unique elements of the alternative tourism (eco tourism, the gastronomy, and the wine tours, agrotourism, and history culture and pilgrim) all of which are quite developed especially with the assistance of the dozens of lakeshores and the development of the 365 days alternative tourism, making the region quite unique and crowded allover the year.

RTIS officials gained a lot from this trip as other than the networking they have been thought some smart ways of introducing smart tourism allover the year in Greece and especially the regions and municipalities with whom are collaborating

The Italian alternative tourist model has many elements which Greek destinations can successfully follow. Especially on the area of branding and developing thematic packages, the our neighbors are superb, and RTIS will try to use this added value (through the gained experience) to its vast network, and trying to add a small stepping stone to the extention of the tourist period in Greece while adding some experience in developing alternative thematic touristic packages in Greek destinations

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