Sustainable Christmas Gifts 

Christmas is the most wasteful time of year!

All the packaging and wrapping paper that gets thrown out, the energy and waste created and created all these new gifts and then furthermore all the unwanted given gifts that typically will end up in a landfill we could have avoided them.

Compared to the rest of the year, the amount of waste produced at Christmas is 30% higher.

Although waste is significant and will continue to be significant in the future, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enjoy Christmas.

4 Tips for sustainable Christmas gifts

  1. Think about materials

Look at the materials gifts are made from, prefer gifts that are made from recycled materials and keep sustainability in mind.

  • Avoiding plastic and single use packaging when gift giving

Look for opportunities to avoid single use packaging and upcycle where possible

  • Buying second-hand items

Buying second-hand items saves on resources needed to make new products. Vintage clothes and home furnishings, and refurbished technology can make great sustainable gifts.

  • Quality not quantity

Putting your time into picking a quality gift that will last a long time. This will reduce the chances of gifts going to waste.

RTIS Network actively supports actions for a more Sustainable Christmas. So, in 2023 RTIS will create the first Online Network Sustainable Gift, whose goal is the exchange of reusable items and the reuse of materials to create new ones, for more sustainable gifts

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