Regeneration & Human Ecosystem

We are witnessing unique circumstances at all levels. The conflict and turmoil of the invasion of Russia to Ukraine (with a possible global war scenario) has swept across the globe over the past weeks has sent shockwaves across Europe, imposing a degree of fear, worry and uncertainty on the innocent citizens. Moreover, the pandemic (COVID-19) is officially running for a third consecutive year, imposing uncertainty and negative impact on strategic value chains.

From every corner of Europe, from every corner of the world, the voice of civil society organizations have been calling, strongly than ever, that we need drastic changes everywhere, we need to change our cultures, we need to change the way we think, we need to proceed fast in regeneration!!

Sustainability is now a definition that we all know (at least in theory) but in practice few are active. Regeneration needs to be adopted in all areas and in all areas fast! It could be the answer, Regeneration in economy, Regeneration in environment, Regeneration in the way of thinking, regeneration in culture, regeneration in habits, Regeneration everywhere.

Global trends highlight the growing interest in authentic and regenerated experiences. The new elements (natural disasters, pandemic, climate change, wars, etc.) have and will even more, change the way of thinking of the people, especially the younger generations.

As the “human ecosystem” matures with all these added new elements (climate change, sustainability of resources, cyclic economy, re-use, sustainable traveling, etc) more research is available to help fill out the picture of the motivations, needs and behaviors of young people and the various industries that serving them.

Designing strategies that enable these new elements to be adopted in a different skeptical cycle therefore is becoming more and more important for competitiveness and for survival.

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